Atlas delivers you a world of weather.

A comprehensive global database of weather, climate, geography, and ecosystem information that is primarily used for historical data analysis, trends analysis, investigation, and scenario planning. It provides a way to understand the impacts of weather on businesses and organizations by identifying risks and opportunities.


This program is unique in many ways, such as saving the end-user months of data downloading and processing with many historical requests ready in minutes. It provides forecast data in high quality hourly increments rather than every 6, 12, or 24 hours. There are a multitude of variables, data categories, and units available for your different reports, use cases, and industries.

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This is the first web-enabled weather database powered by 36 years of hourly, gap-free data for historical, current, and forecast weather conditions. We fuse this weather data with other variable sets to provide a unique vision of how weather can affect organizations both locally and globally.

Data is available at the following resolutions:

  • 30x30 km historical data
  • 15x15 km 7 day forecast data

Use Case

A manufacturer and distributor of air conditioners is trying to predict sales over the summer to produce and ship out an optimal amount of units. They want a better understanding of historical weather conditions in their key target markets as well as forecast data combined with unit sales figures to make educated decisions about what they can expect this summer.

Atlas can provide the historical weather conditions in these key cities or states, as well as provide 7 day forecasts for the same areas. This tool is an easy and efficient way to identify opportunities in the marketplace that increase sales.