Get your Forecasts Going!

Preventative measures for weather damage can be beneficial to mitigate losses. Beacon is a global weather alerting, early warning and customer targeting platform.
Just Released: Beacon Hurricane Forecasting.

Forecast Automation in the Cloud

This rule-based forecast notification system enables you to communicate specific weather conditions and risks up to seven days in advance. With hourly forecasts available for anywhere in the world, users can pinpoint specific weather events and thresholds, and alert stakeholders automatically about threats to key assets, locations, or policy holders.

Automate Your Forecast

Beacon can create weather alerts for a few target locations or an entire book of business, either by address or longitude-latitude. Our platform automates the communication process and sends the forecast directly to your target audience.


Weather Triggers

Unique to these alerts is the ability to target multiple locations across the globe and select the severity level of weather to alert individuals of potential threats. Forecast alerts are available for cold, heat, wind, rain, snow, and our proprietary hail and frost forecasts.

With the ability to customize messages, insurance companies can provide their users with calls to action - from alerting policyholders to move their cars inside to avoid damage from a likely hailstorm, to alerting store managers of freezing rain that might cause slips and falls.


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Beacon Hurricane Unleashes Machine-Learning

Our smart forecasts are built with observational and forecast data for over 200 tropical cyclones combined with machine-learning algorithms to deliver early and accurate warning of all global hurricane and tropical storms.

Total View of the Storm

Using Beacon Hurricane, users can view up to 90 different hurricane forecasts from all major accredited forecasting agencies - including the National Hurricane Center and European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF)

Landfall is Everything

Using our 10-day view of the storm, users can confidently assess the likely location and timing of landfall to align claims resources, assess probable maximum loss, and mitigate potential downstream damage.

Use Case

Using Beacon, an auto insurance company can instantly notify vehicle owners of upcoming weather events that may cause accidents, including perils such as hail, freezing rain, or high winds. The personalized alert message comes directly from you with your logo or branding, helping build relationships with policyholders and helping them avoid losses.